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User Manual (UM) Lyrebird APP Ultra
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Q: Which network audio could I receive?

A: currently, you can listen to an Audinate DANTE audio stream. Other network audio protocols are in preparation, e.g. JACK/JACK2 or streaming from VLC Player.
Chromecast Audio - you can enjoy with an external dongle, seamless integration is in preparation.
Get your Chromecast WiFi Audio via Line In or even better via optical TOSLINK on Lyrebird APP Ultra.
Bluetooth Audio (from a smartphone) will be a hardware upgrade as an built-in option (FCC approval pending).

Q: Can I send audio to several interfaces in parallel?

A: Yes, all the output interfaces, including USB (as input on a PC) are active in parallel. You can listen via headphone to the audio and also send forward via S/PDIF, TOSLINK, USB etc.
Just the forward of the Audio to the Network (e.g. to another Audinate DANTE device) is a future option. And USB In and USB Out (as fed-through to extenal device) is intended as External Audio Processing Engine application (currently: in or out, but not both at the same time).

Q: Can I play also MP3 from SD Card?

A: No, the SD Card WAV File Player is more an option to play local test files, stored as plain WAV (PCM) files). Lyrebird APP is not an USB memory stick or SD Card player application, it is intended for live audio processing.
Even the SD Card File Player features can be extended (become a developer) - it is not the main purpose and not a main feature.

Q: Do I need a power supply, wall adapter etc.?

A: No, but it depends a bit: if you run Lyrebird APP and not the Ultra version (additional hardware consuming power) - you are fine to use regular USB power.
For the Ultra version a powered USB hub or USB charger (>= 1A) is recommended.
If you want to upgrade the firmware, via the (free) ST-Link tool and USB interace - a powered USB Hub is needed.

Q: Can I remote control Lyrebird APP?

A: The Lyrebird APP comes with an HTTP server, so that you can use a web browser to control your device. You can control the volume. Future extensions are in preparation, e.g. to manage the WAV files or configure the audio.
A WiFi based remote control is in preparation (not to stream audio over it, the FCC regulation is pending).
An USB UART for volume remote control was add on FW version 1.10.

Q: If there is a new firmware, with new features - may I get it?

A: Yes, all upgrades via firmware, even a new firmware would provide a complete new feature (let's assume a new network audio protocol, e.g. JACK) - you get it for free: just download and flush the firmware.
Only hardware upgrades, e.g. to get Bluetooth Audio reception, full Audinate DANTE support or WiFi remote control will require to pay for the additional hardware module to add (with a discount for existing customers).

Q: What about other audio formats, e.g. 24bit, 192KHz?

A: Yes, they are intended, if available you get it for free.
Internal 32bit audio processing is in preparation and all audio in and output will support 24bit in future firmware versions. Just stay tuned for new firmware updates.

Q: What about audio processing, multi-room, custom audio filters, room compensation?

A: Yes, these features are the main aspect of the Lyrebird APP. APP means really Audio Processing Platform, independent of your audio interface input or output - process your audio (e.g. EQ, Limiter, Dynamic Range Extension, Sample Rate Conversion ...)
It is the goal to provide you a platform where you can set, configure audio filters or even add additional filters, like a plug-in, e.g. to use filters generated via MATLAB.
The Lyrebird APP has already integrated MICs which could be used for such features in future.


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