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Readme - Firmware Release Notes

New features in V1.1.0

Web Server
Web Server does not get DHCP IP address in a reliable way Try again with the Reset button (right one), start again or change to use static IP address (
Web Server conflicts with SD Card Player When playing files from SD Card - the Web Server is disabled and not running
The site content of the Web Server is just a minimal demonstration. It provides just a feature to control the Volume or to get information about the running RTOS threads. Flash future and updated FW versions on the ST-Link interface, when extended FW was released
SD Card
Only the first 24 files found on file system are displayed and can be selected. The order displayed looks random (used in the order as found on file system) Copy files to empty (formated) SD Card step-by-step to make sure about the order. Have just 24 files on SD Card. Do not use sub-directories. Store just WAV files.
The SD Card WAV Player stops after a single file played. There is not (yet) a "Play All" or "Shuffle Play" feature. Select another file and start with the Play button. When the file was played - the SD Card menu is displayed automatically.
USB is used for audio OR to manage files on SD Card, not in parallel If USB is selected to manage files on SD Card - the USB audio devices (In and Out) and MIC are disabled (conflict with SD Card access). Select any other interface, e.g. Line In, when managing the SD Card.
USB to PC (as USB IN on PC) is active on all interface. When playing from SD Card and sending audio via USB to PC - there could be a performance issue (not fast enough, drop outs). Do not use USB Audio to PC in combination with playing files from SD Card.
USB audio from PC via USB (USB Out on PC) is just supported as 44.1 or 48 KHz, 16 bit. Set the audio sample rate on PC for USB accordingly, to 44.1 or 48 KHz. Especially, when receiving audio from other interfaces, or playing from SD Card - the USB sample rate for the Recording Device on PC must match with the processed audio sample rate.
uDANTE Network Audio
When listen to an Audinate DANTE (uDANTE) network audio stream - the IP where audio is transmitted will be found independently of assigned IP address for DANTE receiver. As UDP port - the first found will be used. The first found UDP port with Audinate DANTE network audio is opened and used. Have just one (stereo) audio stream running in Ethernet network for uDANTE receiver.
Web Server is disabled, not running, when uDANTE network audio is processed. Due to performance reasons - it is not possible to process network audio and to have the Web Server running at the same time (will never be supported to have both in parallel).
Configuration Menu
The confuration is not yet saved and restored from QSPI flash device. Use the Config Menu first to change if not the default setting is used, esp. when enabling the Web Server.

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