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Lyrebird APP

Lyrebird APP (TM) stands for Lyrebird Audio Processing Platform. It is an embedded device, with Open Source firmware, based on a STM ARM Cortex M7. It is portable, a small desktop device and is powered via USB or PoE.

It provides:

  • powerfull audio processing (filters, dynamic range extenders, limiters ...)
  • all the audio interfaces as input and output (analog and digital) you would ever need, including network and listening on an Audinate DANTE network, network audio to any output
  • LCD display (e.g. FFT, Peak Meter, Filter Configuration) and touch control
  • USB or PoE powered, as portable, desktop device
  • audio from USB to any output, or any input to USB audio (Sound Card In or Out)

Any-to-Any Audio

Lyrebird APP Audio Connectivity Matrix

Get your audio from any interface, including network, send it to any interface (even in parallel). Speakers are integrated or connect a headphone or your amplifier.

Get new features at any time

Every customer gets access to the Open Source firmware. Any new firmware based feature will be provided free of charge: you can update your system yourself any time without any costs.

New hardware based features, e.g. Bluetooth and Chromecast Audio in preparation, will be offered to existing customers with a discount.

If you join as a developer and you contribute with extensions, feature updates, improvements - you are entitled to get the hardware platform without any markup.


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